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Hello and thank you for joining us! What a fun week we’ve just finished- saints’ feast days galore, our big Archangel celebration, and lots of rain!! (Well, the rain isn’t so exciting, but we sure have been getting a lot of it!) It is our prayer that you are doing well and if you’re not singing in the rain, at least we hope you’re staying dry! 

Now that we are officially into October, there’s a whole new lineup of feast days and, of course, it’s the month of the Rosary! We also have our big Marian Conference coming up (our last year at Boyne Mountain), so we will be talking about that more, too! 

We know your time is precious so we want to jump in right away and share all the wonderful things we’ve been curating for this edition of The Cause of Our Joy! 

So, without further ado, let’s get into this!

Saint Spotlight (part 1)
Did you know that today is the feast day of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska? She was a young Polish nun whose diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul” gave the world a beautiful and profound understanding of the most merciful and compassionate heart of Jesus. To learn more about this modern saint of Divine Mercy, click here

In other exciting news: there will be a two-hour “docudrama” about Faustina hitting theaters October 28th! What an awesome witness! To learn more, click here. Jesus, we trust in You! 5 Things You Need To Know About Archangels, to keep you up on your knowledge! 

Our Lady of the Rosary
On Monday the 7th, the Church celebrates Our Lady of the Rosary (also called Our Lady of Victory). We’ll talk about how this feast day came to be in a minute, but it is no secret that the rosary is an incredibly powerful prayer that can and will change lives. There are SO MANY fantastic articles about the rosary, but here are a couple that we loved and wanted to pass along to you! 

We found this list of 13 Saint Quotes about the Rosary to be inspiring, especially if you are losing your motivation for praying it daily. We also found this article: A Divine Reminder Not to Skip My Rosary, to be eye-opening. Praying the rosary daily is so important! 

The Battle of Lepanto
The feast of Our Lady of the Rosary came about because of a battle between the Ottoman Empire and Christendom, essentially. The odds were stacked against Christianity and the outlook was grim. To learn how the Blessed Mother intervened and turned the tide of Islamic expansion, read this article from Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire Blog. 

Conference Corner
Susan Tassone, also lovingly referred to as “the Purgatory Lady”, will be returning to our conference this year! She’s well-versed in Church teaching about Purgatory and has an important message about The Church Suffering! She is a prolific author and it is not uncommon to see one of her prayer books in the hands of folks praying before and after Mass. To see a quick interview with her and learn more about this dynamic speaker, check out this 4-minute video

Nifty News!
Actor Gary Sinise, perhaps best known for roles in the movie Forrest Gump and television show CSI: New York, is no stranger to the spotlight. Most recently he has been in the news for his work with our military and veterans, but did you know that he also became a Catholic not so long ago? His story can be read here!  

NASCAR drivers take risks all the time and aren’t afraid to push boundaries on the track. Well, it seems that NASCAR driver Johnny Sauter isn’t afraid to talk about his faith, either! After a victory in Texas, he used his post-race interview to talk about The Sacred Heart, The Blessed Mother, and the holy souls in Purgatory! Check out the full story here! God bless Mr. Sauter! 

Sunday Readings
As we read and pondered the readings for tomorrow, it seemed as if the unifying theme was persevering in faith and praying that our faith would be increased. Certainly in times such as these, when there is so much division and anger, it can feel impossible to keep the Faith, but St. Paul exhorts us to once again “…stir into flame the gift of God…”. To hear a short reflection by Scott Hahn, follow this link

Saint Spolight (part 2)
We mentioned above that today is the feast of St. Maria Faustina, but did you know that today is also the feast day of Blessed Bartolo Longo? There’s a reason his feast day is in the month of the Holy Rosary and if you haven’t heard his story, you MUST! It’s incredible. The man went from being an ordained satanic priest to being a Catholic who helped to establish religious communities, orphanages, hospitals, and schools because of the power of the rosary! Check out his amazing conversion story here (it’s written by Fr. Don Calloway)! 

For Kids and Families
Whether you have little ones at home or not, it is a wonderful practice to honor Our Lady, not only in the month of October, but all year long. This list: 10 Ways to Honor Our Lady of the Rosary has some simple ideas for incorporating Marian devotion anytime! 

If you have little ones at home and have tried praying the rosary with them, you know what a daunting prospect it can be! So, how can you pray this beautiful prayer with your children and not lose your sanity? Lacy from Catholic Icing has 10 Tips to Get You Started

Marian Center Update
Moms’ Rosary Group – We meet every Tuesday from 10 am to 12 pm. Bring the kids and a snack and we’ll serve some tea and coffee and pray together for our families and the Church. 

Marian Conference XXVIII“Mary, the Cause of Our Joy — Facing the Future With Hope.” October 25-27, 2019. For more information or to register online go to  (NOTE: Some people trying to register received a security warning — this has been fixed.) 

To Christ Through Mary, 

Katie Moe and Lori Mercer

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