Josh Mercer shows the panel of Our Lady of Akita to the participants of the Marian Conference

Sponsors of the Marian Apparition Exhibit

NOTE: Not all panels are the same size. Regular-sized panels have one sponsor. The large panels have two sponsors. And the over-sized panels have three sponsors. At the bottom of this page, you can secure your sponsorship with a secure online donation!

The Virgin of Montserrat, Spain – 9th century
sponsor: Rose Mary Ternes

Our Lady of Walsingham, England – 11th century
sponsor: Maureen & Al Scott

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Aylesford, England – 1251
sponsor: In Memory of Richard L. Swart

Our Lady of Monte Berico, Italy – 1256
sponsor: Christine Bartlett

Our Lady of the Guard, Genoa, Italy – 1490
sponsor: John & Shirley Bennett

Our Lady of the Three Ears of Corn, Trois-Epis, France – 1491
sponsor: Shelly Greyerbiehl

Our Lady of Good Health, Vailankanni, India – 16th C
sponsor: In Memory of Ellen Rosenburg

Our Lady of Garaison, France – 1515
sponsor: Donna & John Valente

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico – 1531
sponsor: Teresa Tilllotson
sponsor: The LeShock Family

Our Lady of Mercy – Savona, Italy – 1536
sponsor: Joe & Mary Sullivan

Virgin of Ocotlan, Mexico – 1541
sponsor: Carl Williams Family
sponsor: Erich & Jacqueline Molitor Family

Our Lady of Quito, Ecuador – 1594
sponsor: Eleanor Sadowski
sponsor: The Wilmers Family

Our Lady of ┼áiluva, Lithuania – 1608
sponsor: Anne Savage
sponsor: Thomas & Jackie DiMambro

Our Lady of the Rosary, Manaoag, Philippines – 1610
sponsor: Daniel Smith

Our Lady of Kevelaer, Germany – 1641
sponsor: Mary Gelderbloom
sponsor: Jean and James Petrie

Our Lady of the Willow Tree, Plantees, France – 1649
sponsor: Raymond Hosek

Our Lady of Eternal Aid, La Prenessaye, France – 1652
sponsor: Deacon Dan & Vicki Schneider

Our Lady of Laus, Refuge of Sinners, France – 1664
sponsor: Margaret Fournier
sponsor: Gene & Donna Montague
sponsor: The Paga Family

Our Lady of Las Lajas, Colombia – 1754
sponsor: John & Mary Jo Parker
sponsor: Mr. & Mrs. Carl Couturier

Our Lady of La Vang, Vietnam – 1798
sponsor: Ken & Rosemary Lancaster

Our Lady of Lichen, Poland – 1813
sponsor: Sylvia Studzinski
sponsor: Gerald & Dolores Woltanski

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Paris, France – 1830
sponsor: Rita LaVictoire

Our Lady of Zion, Rome, Italy – 1842
sponsor: James J. Beer

Our Lady of La Salette, France – 1846
sponsor: Sharon LeBlanc

Our Lady of Lourdes, France – 1858
sponsor: Al Cowen
sponsor: Fr. Andre Schludecker, OFM
sponsor: Samuel, Joseph, and Maria Lynne McKeough

Our Lady of Good Help, Champion, WI – 1859
sponsor: Bob & Barb Fate
sponsor: Linda Couzens
sponsor: Sharon LeBlanc

Our Lady of Pontmain, France – 1871
sponsor: Peggy & Mark Scott

Our Lady of Saint Bauzille de la Sylve, France-1873
sponsor: Marlene Renne
sponsor: Trudy Simmons

Our Lady of Pellovoisin, France – 1876
sponsor: Michele Reinke & Ken & Irene Pacholka Family

Our Lady of Gietrzwald, Poland – 1877
sponsor: In Memory of, Genevieve Sawicki and Chester Studzinski
sponsor: Betty Wezensky

Our Lady of Knock, Ireland – 1879
sponsor: Kathleen Florian

Our Lady of Sorrows, Castelpetroso, Italy – 1888
sponsor: Winston Rowlett

Our Lady of Betania, Venezuela – 20th C
sponsor: Betania XX
sponsor: William & Diane Thelen

Our Lady of China, Donglu, China – 1900
sponsor: Maureen Conklin
sponsor: Denise & Paul Janness

Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal – Panel #1 – 1916-7
sponsor: Danielle Poindexter
sponsor: In memory of the Verhelle and Brown families
sponsor: Susan Williams

Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal – Panel #2 – 1916-7
sponsor: Aaron & Rachel Brooks
sponsor: Jan Connell
sponsor: In memory of James Cardinal Hickey

Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal – Panel #3 – 1916-7
sponsor: In Memoriam, Teresa McGovern
sponsor: In Memoriam, Adele Burns
sponsor: Linda Hicks

Apparitions at Pontevedra and Tuy, Spain – 1925
sponsor: Alice & Richard Dunkel
sponsor: Hilma Clifford

Our Lady of Beauraing, Belgium – 1932
sponsor: Nancy & John Doyle

Our Lady of Banneux, Belgium – 1933
sponsor: Steven & Pamela Achatz
sponsor: Sidney & Polly Hansen

Our Lady of Heede, Germany – 1937
sponsor: Inge Smith
sponsor: Richard & Olivia Marshall
sponsor: Mike & Donna Vengler

Our Lady of Sorrows, La Codosera, Spain – 1945
sponsor: Jim & Margaret Hatch
sponsor: Madonna Jackson
sponsor: Carrie Cruz

Our Lady of Prayer, Ile-Bouchard, France – 1947
sponsor: Susan Sterner
sponsor: Rosemary & John Godfrey

Our Lady of Zeitoun, Egypt
sponsor: Mike Boog
sponsor: Beverly Balkwell

Our Lady of Akita, Japan
sponsor: David Garlitz

Our Lady of Cuapa, Nicaragua
sponsor: Trudy Smith

Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda
sponsor: In memory of the deceased members of the Galbraith and LeBlanc families
sponsor: J. Valerie Ravan Andrews

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